Multiple Categories

Your child can choose between

Domestic Animals

Wild Animals


More Soon

Made for kids

High quality, bright images

All images are presented in beautiful high definition and carefully selected to capture children's attention

Beautiful, easy to use interface

With smooth and playful animations, each interaction is designed for the little ones to learn and play in the same time

Universal App

Same great experience on both iPhone and iPad

Brilliant For Multilingual Families

The ability to change the language on the fly from within the app, without changing the language of the device, makes Babii! perfect for multilingual families. You can also use this feature for older kids to teach them basic words in a new language in an interactive way

Highly configurable

Choose the settings that are best suitable for your kids from the Settings menu. For example, you can have Babii! display only one image at a time and cycle through them just by tapping on the screen. This feature is very useful for 1 year old children

Ads free

Did we mention this app runs ads free? We know that children want to play without any interruption, therefore no running advertisements makes the experience real fun!

"A child’s early years are the best time for building knowledge and for those of you who are looking for apps to introduce your toddlers to the world of animals and vehicles while stimulating their minds through the exposure of foreign languages, Babii! is a good and affordable app to consider."

"I think that Babii! is a wonderful way for young children to be exposed to the world around them. It is a very basic and simple app which is exactly what their target age group needs."